Mentorship Program

Didihood mentorship program fall 2019 cohort

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What is the Didihood Mentorship Program?
The Didihood Mentorship Program is a three-month program that pairs two creatives working in the same industry. Mentees and mentors meet once a month and follow a action plan created by Didihood. The program focuses on interviewing skills, networking and reworking resumes. Each mentorship cohort will get a chance to network in person at the end of the program.

IMG_20190928_130905_097.jpgDidihood mentorship program fall 2019 cohort

Who is eligible for the program?
The Mentorship Program is open to any didi who works in a range of creative industries, from journalism to film to public relations. Note, the program is currently available in Toronto in Vancouver.

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How can I apply for the program?
Applications for the 2022 fall program are now open. Any questions? Shoot us an email at